Name of provider

Reach Out Creative Futures

Name of course

Post 16

Site/s where available

Wadebridge Children’s Centre
St Blazey Community Rooms
St Blazey Children’s Centre (Fourways)

Key contact for questions about course

Trish Hoskin

Duration of course

1  – 2 years depending on progression and needs.

Age range if applicable

16-18 or 16 – 25 with an EHCP

Key course content and outcomes
bullet points

Year 1:

Accredited learning: Functional Skills Entry Level 1 – Level 2

OCR Life & Living Skills Entry 1 – Entry 3

Arta Award Bronze and Silver

  • Functional skills in maths and English all levels catered for from E1 through to L2. Individual 1:1 help given to those that need it.  Embedding skills in cooking, budgeting and planning for days out as part of delivering these qualifications.  Half a day a week for each subject.
  • OCR Life and living Skills – covers a number of different units depending on the needs and interests of the student, these can incorporated independent living skills, craft / art work, exhibiting work, numeracy units if the functional skills is not appropriate to needs, work experience units, planning events and days out. Units are too many to name all of them. Students can pick from a menu to create an individualised programme. Delivered 1 day a week
  • Arts Award Level 1 Bronze award – has 4 units including taking part in arts workshops covering skills in photography, sculpture, craft and music as well as giving students the opportunity to improve own areas of artistic interest.   Research project on an arts inspiration.  Audience member allowing for visits and discussions and peer teaching.
  • The arts award is based on developing student’s confidence in a number of areas. Taking part in arts activities builds confidence, helps promote independent learning and allows young people to  voice concerns they may have through creative expression if they are unable voice opinions through speaking out for themselves.   Researching someone in the arts world who inspires them gives them skills in finding things out through research, understanding how people get into the industry and what they have done to become well known. Students are then asked to present their findings, helping to overcome barriers to joining in conversations, giving their opinion and gaining more experience for speaking and listening activities.  Being part of the audience allows students to experience live shows in places that are unfamiliar to them, work as part of a team in a cooperative way to make decisions, plan outings and look at budgeting and transport and then experience live events and feel confident to join in a discussion about how they felt about their experiences.  Peer teaching develops communication skills, raises aspirations, helps plan and evaluate own performance and support their peers.

Life and Living skills can include

  • Basic food preparation in a classroom kitchen and commercial kitchen depending on the site – Selecting ingredients to make meals, using utensils safely i.e. whisks, chopping, peelers. Preparing food safely and hygienically. Storing food safely – research on laptops. Keeping work area and utensils/equipment clean.
  • Supporting individuals with travel training, including understanding bus / train timetables, knowing how to pay for the journey and then travelling by bus or train to different destinations. Staff members will travel with them and then once confident they can be more independent students will travel together and then meet staff at a designated destination.
  • Supporting students to understand what is needed to live independently, by looking after themselves, the different household costs they will have to pay and responsibilities they will need to acquire.
  • Work experience is arranged on an individual basis depending on the interests of the student. We have a number of supportive employers who will offer placement or if a student is not ready, we will take part in a group community project to give a taste of working in a working environment.  Days are flexible depending on placements.
  • Raising aspirations and addressing High Anxiety and Social Anxiety and Mental Health Issues
  • Our programme is aimed at supporting young people who have high anxiety, social anxiety, extremely shy young people or those with some mental health issues. To help young people work on these barriers to progressing into a more fulfilling adulthood we take every opportunity to have times of fun and relaxation.  Visiting unfamiliar places to have a look around, going on picnics, visiting the beach and going on walks all help to break down barriers, support each other and chat in informal situations, where they feel safe and supported. Most importantly have fun, laugh and feel relaxed.


Arts Award and OCR Life and Living Skills are portfolio led qualifications.  Functional Skills are assessed on paper through exam conditions, but students are entered only when they are ready and in small groups in places. they are familiar with.  Additional support is given in line with OCR exam conditions.

Year 2:

If a second or third year is seen as appropriate for a young person, their programme would consist of the same qualifications as above at a higher level if appropriate, or additional units to address on going needs.  Further elements of work experience would be added as well as a higher level of independent living skills.                  

Taster sessions with external agencies i.e. College placements, Supported Internship options, IAG through National careers service with ReachOut staff to ensure appropriateness of options and effective communication with learners.  Visiting colleges and other providers will give students the opportunity to have taster sessions and have a better understanding of progression routes for them.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements other than an understanding of the course and its appropriateness to meet their needs.  If they have an EHCP it will need to support their plan, which will be discussed prior to joining  A taster session is offered to all students.

Available qualifications


ReachOut Creative Futures are accredited through OCR and Trinity College London.

Courses  which include: OCR Functional Skills in Maths and English from Entry 1 through to Level 2

OCR Life and Living Skills from Entry 1 through to Entry 3

Arts Award Bronze Lavel 1  – Silver Level 2

Likely progression

Progression from our course includes improved levels of confidence, communication skills, independence and self- belief leading to higher aspirations.

Progression routes include support back into mainstream education with local colleges, other training providers offering a more specific vocational route, supported internships, volunteering or work.

Additional charges for families
e.g. swimming, pocket money for shopping


Optional expenses for families
e.g. non-essential trips


Timing across the week

Mon, Tue, Wed (Wadebridge)

Wed, Thu, Fri (St Blazey)

Other Information

Our flexible approach allows us to deliver courses where the need is.  This means an additional group can be started in a different geographic area or can take the place of a current group if the need is no longer needed in that area.  We can in some circumstances offer a volunteer driver to pick students up.

ReachOut Creative Futures