ROC College provides a personalised approach to education and training.

The College provides a provision which is built completely around the needs and interests of the young person in order to promote engagement.

Each student’s timetable and curriculum will look different but all students will complete Maths and English skills development as well as working towards preparing for adulthood.

Outside of this, we work with the student and the family to build a curriculum that aims to achieve outcomes for the future. The delivery takes place in the community – not a fixed classroom – providing an opportunity for access the right environments for the student to achieve and grow.

Whist attending ROC College, all students are supported on a 1-1 basis or higher if needed.

We also offer where suitable a one year’s employability Traineeship which can be delivered in small group of up to 1:3 students.

Students are supported to identify career pathways in which they can compete accredited learning through OCN or City and guilds up to Level 2.

Students will be working towards planned destinations in which they will be supported to gain skills, Knowledge and qualifications to support them to their next steps.


Post 16

Varied courses bespoke to the young person’s programme.

ROC College deliver qualifications from Entry 1 – Level 2

We deliver many different courses for young people which will be identified upon initial meeting.