Name of provider

Roc College

Name of course

Varied courses bespoke to the young person’s programme

Site/s where available

We are a community-based college who will build a bespoke programme around the young person in their local area but we also have 2 hubs in which some student access for different purposes:
Positively unique Truro
Boscawen Farm Blackwater

Key contact for questions about course

Duration of course

This is varied depending on student, ROC will work with young person and family to identify a pathway. Most students attend for between 1 -3 years.

Age range if applicable


Key course content and outcomes
bullet points

  • 1:1 support (additional support can be funded)
  • Preparing young people for their next steps in life through education
  • Developing life skills
  • Accredited learning up to level 2
  • Supporting young people with SEMH needs
  • Employability skills
  • Work experience
  • Health and well being
  • Social skills and interaction
  • Accessing the community
  • 38 weeks a year provision
  • Functional skills direct or embedded
  • Personal safety development

Access to pastoral support and therapy

Available qualifications

ROC College deliver qualifications from Entry 1 – Level 2

We deliver many different courses for young people which will be identified upon initial meeting.

Example of qualifications catering/health and social care/ animal care/ land-based studies/ health and fitness/ Art / retail/ Photography/ Life skills /functional skills

Likely progression

Working with students to develop their employability skills in which will focus on next steps Internship/apprenticeship/employment

Preparing some students to move onto further education Mainstream college

Preparing for adulthood outcomes in order to develop life skills and transition into social care

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