If you have SEND, or have other barriers to learning and you are worried about starting college with us at Truro and Penwith, you may like an extended or supported transition to college. This can involve visits in addition to attendance at our open events or school tasters, perhaps at a time when the campus is quieter or on a 1:1 basis with your parent/carer/next of kin. The aim of these visits is to help you to feel familiar with the environment and the staff long before your start date.

It may be you have an identified SEND or medical need that requires specific equipment or adaptations to the college environment, we can work with you, our operations team and any specific healthcare professionals to ensure that your specific needs are met ahead of your start at college. We may be able to loan you a laptop, reading pen or a dictaphone. We also work closely with other college teams to ensure that resources are adapted to your individual needs and are digitised where possible so they can be accessed by all.

Some learners may have some in class support delivered by our team of Learning Support Assistants (LSA). This support is available to some learners, often those with EHCPs, to ensure that all learners have equitable access to their learning and the best possible chance of achieving their desired outcomes. In class support may help with initial note taking, ensuring understanding of tasks, breaking down longer pieces of work, helping you to remain on task, supporting with medical conditions etc.

Our out of class support is available to all. We have a team of highly skilled Learning support tutors who work on a 1:1 basis with learners to develop English, maths or Study Skills. These sessions are tailored through individualised targets and sessions that are scheduled around learners’ timetables. We also offer LSA mentoring for learners who may have declared SEND but do not require any in class support. This mentoring can act as touch point in the week to discuss any concerns you might be having, work through some classwork with a bit of extra support or just a person to chat to and share your successes.

To further enhance this provision we also have a dedicated quiet calm space designed to meet the needs of our mainstream SEND learners on campus. This space is staffed throughout the day and acts a drop in for learners who may need some time and space away from busy classrooms and open access spaces. Learners can opt to work in there during free periods and access support from our LSAs who will be there throughout the day.

Usually, learners will disclose any medical needs at their interview. The staff member interviewing will document this and pass on the details to us. We will send home medical forms and ask for specific evidence relating to the medical condition. Once returned it may be that a medical risk assessment is needed in case of emergencies when at college. We will share this with you to make sure you are happy with any arrangements made.

For learners with EHCP’s you will have hopefully received support from your school and Careers adviser to decide on your options in Post-16. When you have made some initial decisions, we are contacted and begin a process called Consultation. At this point we always like to be able to talk to you,  your school and parents/carers to get an idea on the types of support you might have had and might like at college, allowing us to make sure we have everything you need to be successful whilst at Truro and Penwith College. Once the consultation process is complete, your application can proceed and you will be invited for interview at college.

The best way to access support is to get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to discuss the types of support available in a bit more depth as well as work with you to design the right type of support package for you. Please contact us at learningsupport@truro-penwith.ac.uk or call 01872 305708


Truro Campus

Access to Community and Education

Access to Community and Education is a specialist learning programme designed to meet the educational needs of students with PMLD and SLD streamed via two pathways.

Truro Campus

Access to Inclusive Learning

Access Inclusive Learning is designed to meet the needs of students who have moderate or severe learning difficulties who wish to continue their education.

Tregye Campus

Access Skills Development

Access Skills Development is a three-year course designed to meet the needs of students who have complex Autism who wish to continue their education in an inclusive Further Education college.

Penwith Campus

Independent Living

Designed to meet the needs of students who have moderate or severe learning difficulties who wish to continue their education in an inclusive educational setting

Truro and Penwith Campus

Skilled for Life

  • Offered at Entry Level 3 / Level 1 that provides the opportunity to experience a range of vocational sectors and learning experiences
  • Aimed at post 16 students who have not yet decided on a career, or those who need more qualifications to gain entry onto other courses
  • Opportunity for one day per week work placement